Von Miller and the Denver Broncos are engaged in a contract standoff that appears to rub teammate Derek Wolfe the wrong way.

Speaking with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Wolfe commented on the current contract impasse between Miller and the Broncos, comparing with his own contract situation last year.

“Business is business, and that’s his business. And he has to do what he’s gotta do,” Wolfe said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, per Pro Football Talk. “Obviously, I took a different route and decided that this is where I want to be so I’m going to take a significant haircut to stay here, and that’s fine with me. But some people don’t feel that way.

It certainly doesn’t appear Wolfe is truly “fine” with Miller’s choices this summer when it comes to signing with Denver.

Wolfe did take significantly less than he likely could have earned this year in free agency, signing his extension last year to tie himself to the Broncos. His five-year, $36.7 million extension is roughly half of what Olivier Vernon will earn after signing with the New York Giants, and the $17.5 million guaranteed in his contract is a paltry amount compared to his what others signed for this past offseason.