I wanted to write a quick note in recognition of the fact that in the last two games, Clipper coach Vinny Del Negro is starting to realize that the season's closing down and he has to figure out who's going to be in his playoff rotations.

You can look at the gameflow here and here. And the boxscores here and here. Hopefully some of the geeks can chip in with some more stats... but the results are pretty interesting.

Last night, even in a game with no Jamal Crawford Vinny stuck with his apparent plan to experiment with the Clipper bigs: No minutes for Hollins or Turiaf last night (and only garbage-time minutes against Milwaukee). The Clips relied on Lamar Odom and Grant Hill to fill in for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. And DJ played the whole third quarter... and none of the fourth. (I'm not exactly sure what to read into that.)

Of course Matt Barnes absorbed most of Crawford's minutes clocking over 35. Caron Butler played over 26, more than his usual 20 or so. Willie Green picked up 14 to soak up the rest. The results were predictably grim, except that Barnes had an excellent first half... but the Clips don't really have an extra super-sub like Crawford. No one does.