At this point, maybe the Toronto Blue Jays should sacrifice a chicken. Or perhaps offer Jobu a cigar and some rum. Really, why not? The hours they’ve spent in the cage deep into the night, the early on-field practice hitting sliders off the machine, and all the other work in recent days have yet to pull them out of a disturbing funk.

And even when something good happens, like Josh Donaldson ending an 18-inning run drought with a line drive double to right field, there’s a corresponding negative.

The Silver Slugger third baseman limped his way to second after re-aggravating his troublesome right calf on the play, called for the training staff and gingerly exited the game, a trip to the disabled list under serious discussion. So yeah, mired in a six-game losing streak with the worst start in franchise history extended to 1-8 after a 2-1 setback to the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday night, appealing to some higher powers isn’t a bad idea.

In the absence of divine intervention, however, the only alternative is steadfastness, the type the Blue Jays have shown over the past couple of seasons that both ended in trips to the American League Championship Series.

Devon Travis, trapped in an 0-for-26 pit, isn’t going to bat .088 all year and Russell Martin will climb well beyond an .042 average. The Blue Jays are going to hit plenty more home runs than the 72 they’re on pace for at the moment, and score lots more than the 2.67 runs they’ve averaged per game so far.