From the looks of the calendar Vince Carter is in the twilight of his NBA career.

But don’t ask the Dallas Mavericks’ small forward if he’s thought about retiring and hanging up his high-flying sneakers. Although he is in the last year of his contract Carter who turns 37 on Jan. 26 doesn’t have a timetable for ending his career.

“I don’t want to do that to myself” Carter said after Thursday morning’s practice. “I don’t want to limit myself. I think doing that you’ll start thinking about [retirement] as the season goes on. I’ll just let the body pretty much dictate how I’m feeling in the end.”

Carter acknowledged that his body is telling him that he’s got a few more years left to play. Especially after he averaged a solid 13.4 points — mostly off the bench — in just 26 minutes per game last season.

Additionally coach Rick Carlisle said that Carter who is entering his 16th season addresses a lot of his team’s pertinent needs particularly from a leadership standpoint.

“It’s not just his scoring and spectacular plays” Carlisle said. “It’s what his presence on the floor means.”

Carter is fueled this season by the fact that the Mavs failed to make the playoffs last year. He added that his approach to the game — golden years or not — is the same as it was going into last season.

“The same type of routine in the off-season” Carter said. “I’ll be a year older but I don’t feel a year older so that’s a good thing.”