Adrian Peterson was barely on the field for the Vikings' evening practice at Blakeslee Stadium on Saturday. That fact alone means what the team's offense did must be put in context.

But in front of 12000 fans many of whom might be worried about the strength of the team's passing game the Vikings turned in a sharp effort.

Christian Ponder was 12 for 15 during the full-team periods throwing a touchdown pass and an interception. He misfired behind Greg Jennings on an interception by Marcus Sherels but unleashed one of his best throws of camp to set up the touchdown connecting with Jerome Simpson on a 60-yard pass down the sideline before he found John Carlson for a score.

"To hit that explosive (play) to Jerome that's what we're hoping we can get this season so people can loosen up their secondaries a little bit and not play so close to the box" coach Leslie Frazier said. "That's an encouraging sign. That was great to see."

Though defenders weren't taking offensive players to the ground -- and won't be allowed to hit quarterbacks at any point in camp -- Ponder took several "sacks" on plays where officials blew their whistles after defenders had reached him.