After two years of relative tranquility, a fight broke out during the Green Bay Packers' practice Thursday involving offensive tackle Jason Spriggs and undrafted rookie linebacker Johnathan Calvin.

The Packers were running team drills when Spriggs and Calvin began swinging wildly at each other's heads. Both players threw multiple punches before falling to the ground, and at that point outside linebacker Clay Matthews and offensive line coach James Campen were able to break it up.

Spriggs said later he took exception to Calvin's decision to bull rush him during a non-padded practice.

"If I’m going to throw a punch I’m not really trying to hit the face of his helmet," Spriggs said in the locker room after practice. "I’m trying to get under his chin or something, you know what I mean? It’s the people that miss that are hitting helmets. I’ll throw a couple but I’m not going to sit there and punch someone’s helmet. That’s stupid."

It was the first time Spriggs had been involved in a fight during his time with the Packers. He admitted to being involved in similar situations during his college career at Indiana.

The situation quickly cooled, and within minutes the fight was largely forgotten.