Vikings fullback Jerome Felton would love to see free-agent running back Toby Gerhart re-sign with the team. But he's not counting on it.

"Probably pretty low," Felton said Saturday about the chances of Gerhart returning. "Just having played behind Adrian (Peterson), I assume he wants to go somewhere where he can get more touches."

Felton said he hopes the Vikings can do something to get Gerhart back but realizes it will be difficult. Gerhart has been Peterson's backup during his first four NFL seasons.

"I've texted Toby a little bit," Felton said. "I think there's going to be a lot of interest in him. I just told him good luck and don't forget about us when he's signed his big contract. ... I hope he gets in a situation where he has a chance to shine."

Saturday marked the first day teams could call the agents of unrestricted free agents. The first day such players can sign is Tuesday.