It's all good between Shane Victorino and Cliff Lee.

"Everything is fine," Victorino said with a laugh before Saturday's game.

Lee and Victorino exchanged heated words in the dugout during Friday night's game against the Cardinals. Lee would not talk about the incident after the game, saying, "It's going to stay between us."

Victorino also would not talk about the incident after Friday night's game. On Saturday, his cooler head had prevailed.

Victorino confirmed that the incident stemmed from his losing a ball in the twilight in centerfield in the fourth inning. David Freese hit the ball and it ended up being a triple off the top of the centerfield wall. Later in the inning, rightfielder Hunter Pence lost a ball and it fell in for a single. Pence said the ball and the sky looked the same for abut 10 minutes during twilight.

Lee was clearly frustrated that the balls fell in. Brian Schneider had to step in between him and Victorino in the dugout.