ictor Martinez wants a ring before he retires. He still thinks it is possible to win one with the Detroit Tigers.

“We still have a great team,” Martinez said on Saturday at Comerica Park, where he took part in the annual TigerFest. “We still have a great shot to win a World Series. See what happens.”

Martinez, 35, remains as competitive as ever. He was happy-go-lucky at TigerFest, sitting down to talk to the media with a smile on his face.

Once he’s at the ballpark — even in spring training — the smile tends to disappear. He’s all business then, like he’s flipped the switch.

Of course, this time last year, he was just starting to run again after missing an entire season after having knee surgery.

This year, he doesn’t have to answer questions about his knee or how long it will take him to feel comfortable at the plate.

He started slow last season, but in the end hit .301 with 14 home runs and 83 RBIs.

He’s excited about the future, playing for first-time manager Brad Ausmus.

“I like him,” Martinez said. “He’s young for a manager, smart. I’m really looking forward to playing for him. Former catcher, he knows what it takes to win games.”

Ausmus has not given an indication of who would hit behind Miguel Cabrera this season, but Martinez is an obvious choice. He protected Cabrera three seasons ago, before the Tigers signed Prince Fielder.

Martinez doesn’t seem concerned with where he bats, or who bats behind Cabrera.

“In the end, he’s going to get walked when they need to walk him,” Martinez said of Cabrera. “It just doesn’t matter. They walked him with Prince behind him. He’s his own protection. He’s definitely the best hitter in the game right now. I don’t really worry about protecting Miggy or protecting whoever.

“I gotta go to the plate, do my job. That’s the bottom line. I’ve been doing that my whole career and I don’t think I have to put any extra pressure on myself at this point.”

Martinez said whether there are runners on or not, “I just try to be a tough out.”

At this point, all Martinez wants to do is win a World Series.

“I have never got a chance to win a ring, not even in the minor leagues,” Martinez said. “I want to get a ring.”