Friday is big for Michael Vick. It’s the moment of truth about his hamstring and whether he can really start for the Eagles against the Giants.

“I’m going to run 100 yards as fast as I can” he said after Thursday’s practice “and try to cut try to make some subtle movement in the pocket and just see what happens.”

Sometime Friday afternoon Vick will administer the truest test of his recovery. He’ll run like he hasn’t since pulling his hamstring before halftime against the Giants at MetLife Stadium on Oct. 6.

Vick has practiced for almost three weeks. This week he’s taken his first 11-on-11 reps as the first-string quarterback since suffering the injury.

He’s moved around the pocket made all the throws and has basically done everything starting quarterbacks around the NFL do during the week leading up to game day.

But he hasn’t yet run full speed. He’s done three-quarter speed sprints weight lifting and leg stretching. To truly know if his hamstring can handle a real game not just a practice he needs to push himself to the limit.

That’s what makes Friday such an important stage in his recovery. It’s a walk-through for the rest of the team but not for him.

“I’m ready to get to it. I’m ready to get it out of the way” he said. “I’m ready to just get it over with. I’ve been throwing every day just trying to keep my arm in shape keep my mind mentally in football. But I really want to get out there and sprint and run. This is part of the process.”