Charles Woodson had heard Raiders fans were planning to come and welcome him back for his free-agent visit Tuesday. But he wasn't sure if they really would.

To see 120 or so fans waiting at the security gate when his car pulled up "was overwhelming," he said Wednesday. "I think that if at any time I'd ever forgotten what the love was like in Oakland, I was definitely reminded."

But it's a thin line between love and hate, and at some point during his meeting with general manager Reggie McKenzie, it hit Woodson:

What if he didn't sign with the Raiders?

"I think I was actually scared of leaving the facility and not having a deal done," Woodson said. "I don't know if I would have made it out of there. But that was a big deal, and receiving that kind of welcome, it definitely put me in a mind-set that it would be a good decision to make it happen."

Woodson, 36, signed a one-year deal with the team that drafted him in 1998. It's worth up to $4.3 million with incentives, and that's about $600,000 more than the Denver Post reported that the Broncos offered him.

Denver thought it had the edge on Oakland because Woodson had said he wanted to sign with a contender when the Packers cut him in February. The Broncos have won back-to-back AFC West titles, while the Raiders are coming off a 4-12 season and just put their roster through the shredder.

Why the change in thinking?

"The business side of it didn't work out" in Denver, Woodson said. "This situation did. So here I am, an Oakland Raider again."

Besides the fans and money, Woodson said his relationship with McKenzie also played a role - McKenzie was in the Packers' front office for the first six of Woodson's seven years there.