The White Sox's cost of re-signing pitcher Jake Peavy and adding infielder Jeff Keppinger was barely more than half of the $80 million the Tigers spent to retain pitcher Anibal Sanchez.

The Tigers also added outfielder Torii Hunter, and the Royals made a splash by acquiring pitchers James Shields and Wade Davis from the Rays and re-signing Sox nemesis Jeremy Guthrie.

The relative inactivity, however, hasn't swayed the confidence of Sox manager Robin Ventura in general manager Rick Hahn.

"Rick has done his work," Ventura said Wednesday. "I don't think you go and just spend money to spend. You have to make moves that you hope can make a difference. That's where we are. I'm excited to get everybody healthy and back on the field."

As an example, Ventura said he doesn't want Hahn to spend for another left-handed hitter just for the sake of having one.

"If our right-handed hitter hits right-handed pitchers better than the lefty, I don't want a lefty just because he's a lefty," Ventura said. "He's got to be the right fit and mean something."

Sox right-handed batters hit .256 against right-handed pitchers in 2012, two points lower than their left-handed batters hit against right-handers.

Spring is on the air: The Sox will broadcast nine spring training games on flagship radio station WSCR-AM 670, starting with the Feb. 23 opener against the Dodgers. They will televise six games, starting with the March 15 game against the Cubs on WGN-Channel 9. The remaining five games will air on Comcast SportsNet.