Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said he hasn't decided who will start at point guard if Jameer Nelson can't play Monday night against the Knicks because of a sprained left knee.

Gilbert Arenas is the obvious choice, as he practiced with the first team and is more skilled than Chris Duhon, but Van Gundy insisted the decision hasn't been made.

His reasoning?

"Part of it is balance," Van Gundy said. "We've got our better offensive players all on the floor at the beginning. We've gotta have some balance off the bench, and Gil's probably the best off player we'd have off the bench. If we're going to start them all, we might not have as good of balance."

And: "If you start him, then is it going to be even harder when he goes back to the bench, or should we just keep him used to the role that he's in now?"