It’s time for the Mets to put it in ’Spin cycle: More Jordany Valdespin, please.

I’ve seen enough of Valdespin to make me want to see more. He has become king of the pinch-hit home run for the Mets, and that alone makes him worthy of more playing time.

This season is essentially a science project for the Mets, so let’s see what Valdespin can do on an everyday basis in the outfield.

Give him the chance to play every day. Get answers now. After all, it’s not as if the Mets came into the season with an outfield featuring the Upton Brothers and Jason Heyward.

The Mets will get their first look this season at Justin and B.J. Upton tonight, the start of a three-game series at Turner Field against the Braves. Heyward is sidelined following an appendectomy.

Valdespin has carried the Mets to their last two victories. On April 24, he blasted a walk-off grand slam against the Dodgers at Citi Field. The Mets then lost six straight before Valdespin lined a three-run pinch-hit home run to help beat the Marlins on Wednesday.

That should be enough to get him a longer look. Valdespin, 25, has a chance to be a part of this team’s future while the likes of Marlon Byrd, Collin Cowgill and others are stopgap measures.

The Mets need to see if Valdespin can continue to surprise. There will be issues along the way because Valdespin is not beloved by teammates and has a tendency to make it the Jordany Valdespin Show even when his team is trailing, but he at least has energy and has shown amazing pinch-hit power, blasting six pinch-hit home runs over the last two seasons.

Let’s see how much talent he really possesses.

When Jose Reyes left, there was a severe loss of team energy. Watching Valdespin, I get the impression he views himself as a Reyes-type player. He even grew the same beard Reyes grew this season and shaved his head a la Jose. Valdespin will add energy.