Ruben Amaro Jr. wouldn't mind getting a look at Chase Utley at third base before the season ends, but it probably won't happen as long as the Phils are in a playoff race.

"That would be tough for us," the Phils' GM said after watching Utley go through another spirited workout at the position on Friday afternoon. "I don't think that would be fair to the player."

In short, as long as the Phils are playing for something, Utley will be at second base. No sense in conducting what would essentially be an experiment when it could cost the team a meaningful game.

The decision to get some real innings at third base ultimately lies with Utley and depends on how confident and comfortable he feels giving the position a try. Utley suggested trying third base in workouts to see if it could be an option down the road. Playing third would be less taxing on his knees. Chronic knee issues cost him significant time this season and last.