On Tyrone Corbin's locker-room message: I don't know if he chewed us out. It was just a pretty frank conversation about where we're at and the things that we need to try to do to get where we want to go. I don't necessarily consider it being chewed out; I think he was pretty fair about it. … Anytime you're 0-2 and you got beat the way we got beat the last two nights, it's time to evaluate some things.

Trust and communication issues not going away: It's a big part of it. It's a team sport, so you've got to trust in one another at both ends of the court 100 percent. When you don't do that, it's a chink in the armor. Some teams are good enough to get by with that, they're just talented enough. … When you have a team that's not talented enough to do that — that's not a knock on us, that's just who we are; we can't get away without trusting. You have to do what you're supposed to do every play. If you shouldn't do what you're supposed to do, that's OK if it's an accident. But you have to be trying and willing to do the right thing. If you're not, then it's a chink in our armor. And we're not good enough to have self-inflicted chinks in our armor.