The word frequently associated with the Jazz’s younger players and their future is one of the most vexing in all of basketball, in all of sports, in all of everything.


The vague and sometimes stretched boundaries of that concept, with all its attendant expectations, have both inspired and killed a lot of promising athletes and teams through the years. And it may yet inspire or kill the Jazz.

What will it do to ticket-buying Jazz fans?

Make no mistake, we’re going to find out. No matter how resistant to playing the youngsters Tyrone Corbin has been over the past two seasons, short of injury to the veterans, his hand soon will be forced in that regard.

No less than William Shakespeare wrote: "Lord, we may know what we are, but know not what we may be." On the other hand, Margaret Deland wrote: "A pint can’t hold a quart. If it holds a pint, it is doing all that can be expected of it."

So … what can be expected of the Jazz?

Before we get to that, look at what is likely to happen over the next few months.