It may not be characteristic to call one of the best offensive centers in the NBA "expendable", but that's what Al Jefferson has become for the Utah Jazz.

Second-year backup center, Enes Kanter, has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his young career, but it couldn't be any more evident yesterday that Kanter is one of the future cornerstones for this team and is ready to step into the spotlight.

The Jazz were supposed to be one of the biggest players before the trade deadline this season, because they possess two high-caliber big men that they are willing to give up. However, they have been very quiet behind the desk, which is typical for this organization.

Last night, Kanter's performance last night against the Milwaukee Bucks should've caught the attention of the organization. He displayed nearly every asset of his improving offensive versatility and defensive potential.

In just 17 minutes of playing time, Kanter recorded 17 points, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks on 7-for-9 shooting from the field.

Not only did Kanter prove that he was ready for the big stage, but his skills and ability on the court are something that we've never seen from any 20-year-old big man in a long time.