Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin apparently believes in keeping his players informed.

On a whiteboard in the team's locker room, Corbin posts the up-to-date Western Conference standings so the Jazz can see exactly where they sit.

Heading into Saturday night's game against Cleveland at EnergySolutions Arena, Utah was seventh in the West.

"You have to know where you are," Corbin said. "... The more aware of where you are as a team, the more you have an understanding of how important every game is."

There is a psychological aspect of posting the standings, too.

"Sometimes you may lose by a [big] number and think it's the end of the world," Corbin said. "But it's one loss.

"You might also win a couple in a row and think you're on the top of the world and think you have some space. But everybody's still right next to you."