The Jazz had just built a 15-point lead. Randy Foye's season-high sixth 3-pointer of the game was as perfect as the rest. As the guard trotted down the court, or in any of the seemingly innocuous moments that followed, something began to change for the Utah Jazz.

Aggressive and poised for most of the night, they became casual. Al Jefferson's elegant footwork betrayed him; he traveled. Derrick Favors' youthful aggression got the better of him; he charged.

Like the snow falling at home, the errors wouldn't stop. The Jazz couldn't dig themselves out of 14 minutes of self-inflicted damage, and drifted from lazy through lousy to another loss, 103-95 to the Atlanta Hawks, one of the Eastern Conference's best teams.

"We thought the game was over," Tyrone Corbin said bitterly after watching his team give up a 7-0 run in the final 54 seconds.