Barring unforeseen circumstances, the first draft of the Stan Van Gundy regime likely will be uneventful.

But the rest of the summer shouldn’t follow suit.

The 38th pick could bear some fruit in a deep draft. The high expectations that came with having high picks in the last few years won’t accompany this player, although the Pistons can use help in spots like perimeter shooting, wing athleticism, etc.

The real fireworks, though, will come in the composition of this roster, a talented but mismatched one that Van Gundy inherits. Assuming Greg Monroe emerges from restricted free agency wearing Pistons blue — and there’s no reason to think he won’t unless a team knocks the Pistons’ socks off with a sign-and-trade offer that’s rarely presented or executed — he’ll have to address the front-court triumvirate.

Tipping his hand in a meeting with the press corps wasn’t exactly top of mind, but he acknowledged the heavily used and underachieving trio of Monroe, Andre Drummond and Josh Smith shouldn’t spend an overabundance of time together come next season.

Van Gundy made a point to say when they are on the floor together, the shooting needs to be at a premium to maximize spacing. Considering the team finished last in the league in 3-point shooting last season, we shouldn’t expect for Van Gundy to stray too far from his stated conventional wisdom.

If that’s the case, then Van Gundy could have a tough sell on his hands with Smith — and to a lesser degree Brandon Jennings. For Van Gundy and Smith, it’ll be tougher than keeping Smith away from the apparently seducing 3-point line.
They've got options

To maximize Smith, perhaps he should be brought off the bench as an ultimate utility man. Contract aside, Smith can be the most maddening player on the roster, and likely the most frustrating Piston in a very long time.

Coming off the bench and giving him starter’s minutes, when he’s engaged and effective, balances out the floor — and the worry about whether he’s a small forward or power forward falls to the wayside.

A front-court rotation where two of the three are on the floor together can quickly be turned from a liability to a strength.

Smith likely would be the most talented player on the floor, certainly the most versatile as well as experienced.