USA Hockey is going to consider a plan to help eliminate fighting at all of its levels.

Two months after Dylan Chanter, an 18-year-old defensemen in the USHL, suffered an on-ice seizure after hitting his head on the ice following a fight, USA Hockey's board of directors are set to consider a proposal that would ban fighting at all levels of amateur hockey in the United States.

"We need to take a firm stand to preserve our sport, prevent catastrophic injury and avoid financial repercussions," Dr. Michael J. Stuart, chief medical officer for USA Hockey told the New York Times this week.

Youth hockey leagues in the United States already have rules in place to eliminate fighting, including immediate ejections and automatic suspensions for instigators. The only level it is still allowed is the Junior A level, which includes the USHL and NAHL. The proposed rule would be similar to the ones already in place in lower levels and would involve automatic ejections and suspensions.