Tim Tebow may be out of the league but that doesn't mean the clock for "Tebow Time" has necessarily struck 12.

Urban Meyer, Tebow's head coach at the University of Florida and now leader of the Buckeyes program, said in an interview with CBSSports.com's Jeremy Fowler that the quarterback is still hoping for another shot in the NFL.

"You'd imagine how he works. Works every day. He's hoping. There are some conversations about it. I don't know too much. There's hope and he says there's stuff going on," Meyer said when asked about Tebow trying to make it back to the big leagues.

Tebow is currently signed up as an analyst for the SEC Network but one last chance at his NFL dream would surely pull him away from that. His time in the NFL was a whirlwind, from a playoff win in Denver to getting cut by both the New York Jets and New England Patriots.