It's not groundbreaking analysis to tell you that Anthony Davis is unique. No it's not just because of the unibrow.

There aren't many people in the world that are 6'10.5" with a 7'5.5" reach. There aren't even many people in the NBA with those kinds of measurements. The New Orleans Pelicans' future was selected No. 1 overall in the 2012 draft because his physical measurements combined with his skills and athleticism make him a potential franchise player. Hitching your wagon to a unique specimen like Anthony Davis isn't something many fans or analysts are going to fault you for doing.

While Davis struggled with typical rookie woes in his first year playing NBA defense there really aren't any people around the league that are concerned he won't eventually show the same defensive impact that we saw when he was at Kentucky. Where the questions for Davis surface are surrounding the offensive end of the court. Because he doesn't have much of a post game yet he's not a big man you just throw it into the block and let him get you a bucket.

Davis is a man that makes his offensive impact on the move and finds a way to take away space on the offensive end in a similar way he does on defense. He has a great feel for the area around him and where he should be next in that area. It's part of the reason Davis is such a weapon on offense as a more agile version of the Tyson Chandler role we've seen with the New York Knicks.

The uniqueness of his production fits right in line with his unique game on the court.

There was only one player in the NBA last season that had a Player Efficiency Rating over 21 with a usage rate under 22 percent. That was Anthony Davis. In the shot clock era (from 1954 to the present) only 22 players (it's happened 44 times by those players) have had a PER over 21 and a usage rate under 22 percent when attempting at least 600 shots in a season. Anthony Davis is one of those players. He has pretty incredible production considering how little he's used (relatively speaking of course) within the flow of the Pelicans' offense.