Chauncey Billups is unsatisfied with how the Knicks' season ended. Not making it past the first round? Not coming close to a championship?

That doesn't fulfill him.

"Just getting swept in the first round, I don't do this. This is not fine with me," Billups said yesterday. "I don't come into the season saying, 'Man, I just want to make the playoffs.' I don't know when's the last time I thought like that. I go into the season saying, 'All right, so how are we going to win it? How are we going to win it?'

"And obviously we've got to get a lot better before I can feel that way."

It's a significant statement from Billups, who has excellent credibility, having been to 11 straight postseasons and having previously gone to seven straight Conference Finals from 2002-09 and two NBA Finals (2003-04, 2004-05). He took home the 2004 championship with the Pistons, earning Finals MVP, and because of his desire to win, he said yes terday he'll try to re cruit players to the Knicks this summer.

The Knicks have until Friday to determine Billups' return next season, as they own a $14 million option, with a $3.7 million buyout. The 34-year-old, who said he wants to come back, met with team president Donnie Walsh and coach Mike D'Antoni yesterday but said they didn't reveal his status.

Interestingly, Billups said he believes the Knicks point guard needs to be an experienced winner who Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony can't bully.