Many Penguins players grew up watching “Hockey Night in Canada” every Saturday.

That staple — akin to our “Monday Night Football” — isn't the same as it used to be, and Saturday marked the first weekend broadcast of the year.

Last November, Rogers Communications Inc. wrestled broadcasting rights away from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as part of a 12-year, $5.2-billion deal with the NHL.

At least for the next four years, Rogers will still use widely available CBC to distribute its product, which debuted for the start of the NHL season last Wednesday.

Aside from a few minor tweaks — there's a new, sparkling studio set and more games available, but play-by-play voices Bob Cole and Jim Hughson remain — little will appear different to viewers.

Only now, the money goes to a different company.

And with five additional networks added into the mix, as many as seven games could be shown on a given Saturday.