Tyson Chandler, sounding relieved Tuesday his season is not over, hopes to be back in a month. In the meantime, Chandler said he’s got to tutor his center replacement, 7-foot finesse shooter Andre Bargnani.

The two can’t be more dissimilar. Chandler is all about defense.

“I just got to be positive, have to be here with my teammates and help Bargnani out with my calls,” Chandler said. “I have to help him get comfortable playing the [center] position. My teammates should take this as a time to come together.”

Chandler, walking on crutches, had feared ligament damage after bumping knees with Charlotte point guard Kemba Walker Tuesday. Instead, it’s only a broken fibula in his right leg.

“I had an idea what it was when I left [the arena], but it was good news when I saw it was just a fracture,” Chandler said at Thursday’s practice. “No ligament damage. When you get hit like that, the majority of the time you get some ligament damage. I’m thankful for that. I’m an optimist and thinking if I’m going to have an injury at least it was this.