So now that we know we don't have to wait until the fall to see what Tyler Seguin can provide for the Bruins, one question remains:

Is he ready for stardom?

Seguin, of course, grabbed the spotlight Tuesday night at the Garden in the most explosive 13:31 of ice time you'll ever see, notching two goals and two assists to lead the B's back into this Eastern Conference final with a 6-5 victory in Game 2 against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The aftermath of that coming-out party had to have been dizzying for the rookie, but coach Claude Julien was confident Seguin would remain grounded. Just like all overnight sensations, there has been a lot more work put into the finished product than meets the eye.

"He's been a real good individual all year long, and he's matured through this whole process," Julien said yesterday at the team hotel in Tampa, where the Bruins will play in a hostile environment tonight in Game 3. "He understands the values of what this game brings to you day in, day out. The one thing about Tyler, he's not the type to get that way. He's a very modest individual, and he's been great to work with all year.

"As an organization, we took the approach of, because he was 18 years old, to make sure we did it right and took our time with him, and helped him grow through it. We had a lot of discussions as the year went on, and the thing is, he believed in us and understood it, and I think through all of that, it's really made him a really good player. What happened to him (Tuesday) is so great, it's exciting for all of us.

"As a coach, when you see a young player play the way he did (Tuesday) night, it bodes so well for this organization and for him. You hope that it continues. He's that type of player that can give you that, almost on a nightly basis. He's going to be that kind of an impact player. (Tuesday) was just the start of something that's going to continue to grow."

For his part, Seguin wasn't overly worried about what is expected of him at this juncture.