When Tyler Seguin was asked for a USA TODAY Sports poll to predict which NHL team will surprisingly rise up and be a powerhouse in three years he instantly answered the Dallas Stars.

He seemed disappointed when told he couldn't pick his own team.

"Everyone knows how Dallas was when they were winning and in the Finals" Seguin told USA TODAY Sports. "The Modano era. Brett Hull. I want to be part of bringing (those days) back to Dallas."

What's clear about Seguin this summer is that he has embraced the role of being the player who has something to prove.

During the NHL player media tour Seguin's message seemed to center on his desire to show his new teammates coaches and fans that he's a driven premium player and not the "partier" that he was portrayed to be in his final days with the Boston Bruins.

"In the end I know I made my wrong choices and bad decisions" Seguin said. "But the things I won't man up to are things that are untrue."

When training camp starts next week he will be the player who takes two steps forward when coach Lindy Ruff asks for a volunteer. He will be the player trying to help little old ladies across the street. He will be the guy without a Twitter account.

"He has been humbled" said Stars general manager Jim Nill. "He wants to come in and be a big part of the team but he wants to come in low-key. He's not coming in flashy. It's leasing a truck instead of a flashy car type of thing."

Seguin 21 said his primary goal this season is to show everyone who he truly is.