The pressure is on Tyler Seguin this season and it has more to do with him proving he can play center at the NHL level. Seguin will be under the microscope just as much off the ice as on the ice in his first season with the Dallas Stars. While the spotlight won’t be shining nearly as bright as it did in Boston Seguin will now be dealing with a reputation.

That reputation thanks to actions of his own combined with some questionable social media behavior is one of a party-hard kid who’s yet to mature. Seguin’s exit from Boston was an unceremonious one as rumors swirled about his off-ice behavior leading up to and after his July 4 trade to the Stars. Now he’s out to prove he’s not what many are starting to think he is. “In the end I know I made wrong choices and bad decisions” Seguin told USA Today. “But the things I won’t man up to are things that aren’t true.” Those “things that aren’t true” Seguin insists are claims that he’s someone who loves the nightlife a little more than maybe eh should.

“I was the only single guy and I had a microscope on me [in Boston]” Seguin said. “If I was out eating dinner and stayed around and had a beer on a Tuesday night when we played two days later then it was said ‘He’s a partier.’” It will likely be much easier for Seguin to shed that reputation — accurate or not — in Dallas. It’s clear that the interest in hockey doesn’t in the Dallas/Fort Worth area pales in comparison to that in Boston. Seguin’s every step on and off the ice likely won’t be dissected like it was in Boston. That alone should help Seguin adjust to life in a new city and with a new team. To his credit however the 21-year-old is coming in looking to win over a new dressing room and a new fan base.