Tyler Cloyd is scheduled to pitch at the Houston Astros’ ballpark in Kissimmee on Sunday.

For the Phillies.

Several months ago, it looked as if Cloyd might be pitching in that ballpark for the Astros. He and catcher Sebastian Valle were widely mentioned as being headed to the Astros in a deal for setup reliever Wilton Lopez. The deal was agreed upon but never finalized. Sources say the Phils had concerns about Lopez’ health. He was eventually traded from Houston to Colorado.

Had the deal gone through, Mike Adams probably wouldn’t be a Phillie because Lopez would have filled the Phils’ need for an eighth-inning man.

And Cloyd might be scheduled to pitch against the Phillies, not for them, Sunday.

“It would be different,” Cloyd acknowledged Saturday. “But I’m happy where I’m at.”

Cloyd heard his name bandied about in the proposed November deal for Lopez. Friends called and asked if he’d been traded. That’s as far as his knowledge of the deal went.

“I told my agent unless you find out something for sure, I’d rather not hear about it,” Cloyd said. “I was just going to prepare for the season coming up and for me with the Phillies.”