One of the all-time greatest coaches, John Wooden, claimed, “It’s the little details that are vital, little things make big things happen.”

Right now the Knicks, who are on an actual three-game home winning streak, have done so by embracing all details. They have reverted to the small-ball lineup so successful a season ago. Seven-footer Andrea Bargnani went down, the Knicks went small and they now seek a fourth straight victory Thursday against Cleveland at Madison Square Garden.

Granted, no coach anywhere views ball movement, defending and rebounding as “little” parts of a game, but the Knicks, for three games against hardly formidable competition, have at least adopted the policy of no task is too small.

“We came together and understand this is how we’ve got to play in order to win games to achieve our goal that we trying to accomplish,” point guard Raymond Felton said, referring to the ball movement of the Knicks, who again are finding success starting two point guards (Felton and Pablo Prigioni). “It’s Knick basketball.”

It’s basketball forged at both ends. In the three wins — against Charlotte without Kemba Walker, against the Lakers without Kobe Bryant and against Boston without any chance — the Knicks have averaged 116.3 points and surrendered 95.7.