If the 2012 trading deadline action is about to rampage toward a dramatic finale, its fate may well be riding on what was transpiring on two different pitcher's mounds Sunday -- one in Little Havana, the other 660 miles to the north in Atlanta.

In Miami, the eyes of 15 scouts -- yep, 15 -- were peering down on Josh Johnson, the biggest name left on anybody's marquee here at Deadline Theater.

In Atlanta, Roy Halladay was the man taking the mound, carrying the weight of a nightmarish Phillies season on his broad shoulders.

For deadline drama at its finest, it was tough to top the meaning of those two starts by those two household names. Right?

Sometimes, if you're a trade-rumor junkie -- and if you're a baseball fan, of course you are -- the actual games can almost seem like background noise this time of year. But not on this day. Not in these two pivotal cases.