The ball left J.J. Hardy's bat and traveled straight up into the thick Florida air.

Vance Worley immediately called for it.

Then he called for it again.

That didn't stop Pedro Florimon.

The Twins shortstop was racing in toward the pitcher's mound, knowing he typically has priority over almost any pop up in the infield. Worley, being a pitcher, is supposed to handle such chances only when there's no better option, or if he's basically standing atop the mound.

That's when things got interesting, as they have several times in the field for the Twins this spring.

"As the ball was maybe five feet above me, that's when I started hearing, 'I got it!' " Worley said of the Sunday, March 17, incident at Sarasota. "I was like, 'You ain't got it. I'm standing underneath it, and I'm catching it.' Then I just got out of there. I didn't want to get run over."

Fortunately, Worley was able to make the catch before he and Florimon almost collided atop the mound. No doubt there were anxious moments in the dugout as two vital pieces of the revamped roster saw their short-term futures flash before their eyes.

"Lucky he didn't get killed," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said of Worley.

There was no confab between pitcher and shortstop upon returning to the dugout -- "I think we both know what we should have done," Worley said -- but there has been plenty of talk this spring about on-field communication and the need for improvement.