Twins GM has cancerous growth in his neck.

Following an examination by a team physician, Twins GM Terry Ryan underwent a biopsy when a lump was discovered in his neck. The resulting diagnosis was for a squamous cell carcinoma which, luckily, is treatable according to Ryan's doctors.

"Thankfully, incremental tests indicate the cancer appears to be confined to my neck and has not spread to other regions of my body," Ryan said in a statement. "At the direction of Dr. Eyunni, I am currently being treated at the Mayo Clinic as well as Minnesota Oncology. I've been assured this form of cancer is treatable and remain optimistic about my return to good health in the near future."
Obviously, such an event takes precedence over pretty much anything - including baseball. Ryan will not be in Fort Myers as spring training gets underway in six days. Whether he will attend at all will depend on, I imagine, how his treatment progresses and whether or not attending is prudent.