The Twins didn't formally announce the change, but it's printed clearly in the team's 2012 media guide.

Dr. John Steubs has been named Director of Medical Services, a title he says he doesn't remember having in 24 years of working with the club. The Twins were one of the few teams in the majors last year without someone listed in that capacity.

But after a season when the Twins constantly had to disseminate information about injuries, the club has decided to install a clear chain of command to ensure that injuries are being described correctly.

All the other physicians in the Twins network will report to Steubs. Steubs will report to General Manager Terry Ryan. And Ryan -- not manager Ron Gardenhire or head trainer Rick McWane -- will provide updates to the media. The only time that path will not be followed is on days when Steubs is not with the team and someone fills in for him, or when assistant GM Rob Antony fills in for Ryan.