The Mavericks have gorged this season on a long list of sins. Ill-timed turnovers. Bad rebounding. Inability to defend. Losing. Crunch-time failures. More losing.

On Fat Tuesday, they got a good, long film lesson on all of the above. So when Lent starts Wednesday, they can give all that bad stuff up, right?

But one thing they have to be careful about giving up is their reliance on O.J. Mayo.

Their leading scorer’s turnovers have been a source of great pain, especially when games are on the line. It has happened too often, and it occurred again Monday against Atlanta, when Mayo gave the ball away twice in the final 25 seconds to sabotage any chance the Mavericks had at victory.

One of the turnovers was a great defensive play by Devin Harris. The other was a horrible pass by Mayo, who has had four or more turnovers in four of the last seven games.

He doesn’t like it. Neither do his coaches or teammates. But in this case, living with a certain amount of mistakes comes with the territory. And Rick Carlisle is reluctant to deprive Mayo of the chance to make plays late in games when the outcome is in doubt.

“It just depends,” Carlisle said when asked if Mayo’s responsibilities late in games need to be altered. “He’s one of our really important scorers, so the ball’s going to be in his hands. And he’s going to have to make decisions. He’s going to have to do it.

“He’s gotten so much better that a night like [Monday] can tend to cloud that and skew it to some degree. But he’s a young player, a competitor, and he wants these challenges. That’s why he came here.