The regular season ended, and not a minute too soon for Sixers rookie Evan Turner.

Turner, the No. 2 pick in the draft last summer, was in and out of the team's rotation to the point where he was barely playing through much of March.

Then Lou Williams got hurt, and Andre Iguodala decided to rest his aching knee for the playoffs. All of a sudden, Turner was thrust into the Sixers' rotation. He admittedly didn't handle it well.

"It was new," Turner said. "To tell you the truth, I've never been through half the stuff I've been through this year."

That was evident Monday against Orlando, when Turner was put into the starting lineup to replace Iguodala. He didn't make a field goal in the first half. When the third quarter began, he was replaced by Andres Nocioni.

To Sixers coach Doug Collins, that was a lesson Turner had to learn.

"I think Evan had subconsciously taken himself out of the mix," Collins said. "He got a little out of shape, gained a little weight. All of a sudden, Lou (Williams) gets a (hamstring injury) and (Iguodala) goes down with a knee, and now you're cast into playing.

"It's the one mistake I've always felt young players make. They start looking, and they're saying, "Well, this season's over for me and wait till next year.' The one thing you can't ever do is wait. You're an ankle sprain away from playing."

Turner, who averaged 7.2 points and 3.9 rebounds during the regular season, said he'll be ready for the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

"The beauty of Evan is he's very smart," Collins said. "After the game (against Orlando) was over, he texted me. He said, "It all starts in practice. I didn't practice well. I didn't play well. I'll be better, Skip. It's my bad.' "