The moment of appreciation for Evan Turner came early in the fourth quarter.

The Sixers rookie hit a jumper to tie the game. Then he blocked a shot, hustled down the court and fought for three offensive rebounds before getting fouled.

The fans, who had booed him at times during the season and questioned whether the No. 2 overall pick would be a bust, gave him a standing ovation.

Then Turner continued to earn their approval. He finished with 20 points and seven rebounds in helping the Sixers to a 125-117 overtime win over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday.

"The second half of the season, I've got to start making that turn," Turner said. "The first 40-something games was kind of like a warm-up. Lately, I've been attacking and not worrying about the outcomes -- just attacking and being assertive."

And yes, Turner did notice the standing ovation.

"It was definitely cool," he said. "I heard them boo a couple times the other night, so that's definitely a big turnaround."

But mostly, Turner did it with grit and determination, characteristics that have always been endearing to fans of the region.

"He's a Philly guy," Sixers coach Doug Collins said of Turner. "That's the way Philly guys play. Evan is a very confident player. He feels very much that he belongs out there. He's never going to be a flashy player -- sometimes we mistake the glitz for how well a guy really plays.

"Evan's going to be one of those guys who plays really, really well. But it might not be spectacularly well."