After Evan Turner scored 29 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in the win over Milwaukee Wednesday, Doug Collins said of Turner, "I know this: He is this he is going to get a ton of minutes in the playoffs."

Friday, after his team went through a walkthrough practice at the United Center in Chicago in preparation for Game 1 against the Bulls, Collins said he still felt the same way.

"Evan is one of our better players, number one," Collins said. "Number two, when you go up against Chicago, you had better have playmakers because they play such good defense. They will try and run you out of your plays.

"He is one of our better rebounders and the key to this series is going to be rebounding and a lot of that is going to be on our wings. Andre (Iguodala) is going to have to rebound the ball and so is Evan. They have one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the NBA, which causes a lot of problems and we are going to have to contain Rose, so we may have to use Evan because of his size playing against Rose a little bit."