It wouldn’t be Boston, and it wouldn’t be sports, if we didn’t have the occasional made-up-but-otherwise-nonexistent “controversy” to keep us up at night.

And the rich keep getting richer, ’cause this week we have two — count ‘em, two! — made-up-but-otherwise-nonexistent sports controversies.

The first one is Red Sox-related: Jose Iglesias had three Opening Day hits, none of which exited the infield. He had two hits on Wednesday. Somehow this turned into the Iggy Should Be Shortstop Show.

Um, no. When the still-concussed Stephen Drew is off the disabled list, Iglesias will be Pawtucket-bound. End of controversy.

The other made-up-but-otherwise-nonexistent sports controversy is Bruins-related, and is built around who should, and who should not, be between the pipes when the Stanley Cup playoffs begin.

Most people understand the obvious: It’ll be Tuukka Time throughout the Cup tourney. But the lunatic fringe sees flaws in Tuukka Rask, the biggest one, I guess, being that he hasn’t played like the spring 2011 version of Tim Thomas. Losing the lead against Montreal didn’t help, nor did that stinkeroo against Philly.

The Bruins’ backup, 26-year-old Anton Khudobin, got a start against Buffalo last week and notched a shutout. He earned the next start in net, coming away with 45 saves in the Bruins’ 3-2 victory over Ottawa.

Just add ice and you have an instant goalie controversy.

Here in the real world, however, the Bruins are getting ready for what they hope will be a long Cup run — a Cup run that will feature Tuukka Rask between the pipes.

And as if to put an end to a controversy that never was, Rask went out last night at the Garden and pitched a shutout, making 40 saves in the Bruins’ 1-0 victory over the New Jersey Devils.