Some things to talk about while we read this excellent expose on a Miami-based anti-aging clinic to the baseball stars...

1) Robbie Grossman, starting right fielder

Seems that the writers at were on the same page as me, as there's a good little profile on Houston prospect Robbie Grossman up over there from a former scout. We talked about Grossman's chances to win a starting job this year, and that article only confirmed those chances for me.

I know Grossman isn't a sexy prospect. He doesn't have great tools, he's not going to wow or become a superstar overnight. But, he's got a couple of things going for him in the race to win a starting job. For starter's, he's got a good eye that should translate pretty easily to the majors, as he's done it at Double-A and in the Arizona Fall League.

He's decent defensively and probably profiles best as a left fielder. But, he's got enough arm to be in right next year, splitting time with Ankiel and JMaxx in a three-man rotation between those two spots. With a little pop and a good eye, he'd make a great two-hole hitter behind Jose Altuve.