Mark Trumbo is a cerebral slugger, but he says he cannot explain it. He cannot predict when it's about to happen or explain it once it does, but he has found throughout his career that these kind of streaks happen every now and again.

Whatever the reason, the Diamondbacks are glad it's happening. On Sunday, Trumbo slammed his fifth home run in nine games this season in helping the Diamondbacks to a 5-3 win over the Colorado Rockies, a victory that snapped a four-game losing streak and averted a three-game sweep at Coors Field.

The sweet sounds of Johnny Cash resounded throughout the visitors' clubhouse, where, by virtue of his impressive outing, left-hander Wade Miley had been bestowed DJing duties. The mood was upbeat and festive, the Diamondbacks finally having something to celebrate.

There have not been many bright spots to this 2-7 start of theirs, but Trumbo is undoubtedly one of them. Acquired in a winter meetings trade to add run-producing thump to the middle of the Diamondbacks lineup, he has delivered – and then some.

"It's been more than I think we expected," veteran Eric Chavez said. "It's been huge. Obviously, the wins have been slim for us, so we need everybody kind of doing more than they're capable of doing, and he's certainly done that for us."

These sorts of power surges aren't so unusual for Trumbo. This is second time he's homered in four consecutive games — he also did it in May 2012 — and Sunday's blast gave him 100 homers in a career that is a little more than three seasons old.

"I'm a believer that they come in bunches," he said, "and that's kind of what's played out over the last week."

His home run on Sunday came in the fifth inning off Rockies starter Brett Anderson, who threw a 2-0 slider that Trumbo hooked fair down the left field line. He also homered in each of the first two games of this series and has five home runs and 13 RBIs in his six-game career at Coors Field.

"My job is to hit the ball on the line or in the air and a stadium like this plays nicely for that," he said.