When you're the face of a bad baseball team, your handsome mug is doomed to be splattered with mud. Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki doesn't mind getting dirty. He loves Colorado.
But Tulo must carefully begin to examine a difficult choice: Would it be most rewarding to spend his entire career with the Rockies, or might it be smarter to move on and join a franchise with a championship-or-bust mentality?
In any relationship, there can be a seven-year itch.
Entering his seventh full major-league season in Colorado, should Tulowitzki scratch it?
Tulo is at a crossroads.
He will celebrate his 29th birthday in October. The Rockies probably need a miracle to be a playoff contender in 2013. Tulowitzki has finished among the top eight in MVP voting three times. Plagued by injury that limited him to 47 games a year ago, the shortstop has heard criticism from some of the very fans who once chanted his name at Coors Field.
This is a delicate topic, because Tulowitzki is extremely loyal to the Rockies, and genuinely appreciative of the $140 million remaining on his contract.