What position should Varejao play? Is Tristan Thompson ready to start in the NBA? Is Tyler Zeller? Do any of these questions matter?

They do matter, because there are implications involved with each answer that affect how the Cavaliers plan their roster moving forward, and whether or not they win games in the near future. Tyler Zeller is 22, and Tristan Thompson is 21. They shouldn't be, and most definitely are not, finished products. We might want them to be, but they aren't. More caveats: Tristan Thompson was selected with the intention of being a project for the Cavaliers. The team had the "luxury" of selecting a project because no one expected any serious winning in the foreseeable future. Tyler Zeller is also a project, though this is perhaps not recognized as clearly or with as much urgency. Zeller is a young big that has never been in a system that emphasized defense and has to add strength if he wants to score or defend consistently in the post. Kyrie Irving being ridiculously good at basketball may make it more difficult to be patient with our young Cavaliers, but it shouldn't. Back to this theme later.

The question is whether Tristan Thompson or Tyler Zeller should start, but on face, this seems a bit silly- after all, they play different positions. This blog has gone back and forth over whether or not Varejao is a center or power forward, or whether it even matters. I have always fallen on the power forward side, but am starting to wonder whether or not center might be his best position defensively at this point. We have seen some opposing centers be able to bully Varejao a little bit over the years. If and when he loses some of his quickness, we might see some power forwards exploit him. There is a very fine line between excellent defensive positioning and getting to the spot a split second late. The center spot could hide some of that for Anderson. In short, I am not sure that Varejao provides much more value at the power forward position than he does at center. He is going to be his same energetic, rebounding self, finding himself in the right spots, annoying anyone who doesn't cheer for Cleveland, and making a lot of put-backs regardless of position.