Science or winning?
When it comes to the debate over Trey Burke's potential as an NBA player, the question of analytical analysis or pure production has been a hot one.

And, according to's Chad Ford, when it comes to teams who rely heavily on measurable situations and theoretical numbers, Burke's on the decline in favor of ex-Syracuse star Michael Carter-Williams for the distinction of the NBA draft's top point guard.

"Sources say a number of teams that rely heavily on analytics have Carter-Williams rated higher than Burke," Ford wrote. "While both players look good in the various analytical approaches teams employ, Carter-Williams is coming up at No. 1 and No. 2 overall on several teams' reports. For teams that value analytics, that's a big deal.

"Finally, teams are always looking for upside in the lottery. Carter-Williams has extraordinary size for his position. He is a terrific athlete. He sees the floor as well as any point guard in the draft. His weaknesses -- primarily his shaky jumper -- are the only thing holding him back from being a top-5 pick right now."

Carter-Williams certainly wins the physical battle against the ex-Michigan point guard, as he stands 6-foot-6 -- five inches taller than Burke.