Browns running back Trent Richardson said he expects to be ready for the first day of training camp July 26 despite sitting out the team’s three-day minicamp this week with a strained muscle in his right shin.

“I still expect to be out there Day 1,” Richardson said today after practice. “People are saying I’ve got another injury, and it’s farther than what people are saying it is. And no it’s not. Coach got me out for precautionary reasons. It’s nothing that big to worry about.”

Richardson’s comments contradict a report from WKNR (850-AM) that stated the team told Richardson he’ll be out until August and that it fears his injury could develop into a stress fracture.

The report also stated that Richardson has been taking medication for migraines and that the medication combined with not being able to do a full weight-lifting program has caused him to lose weight during the past two weeks.

Richardson said he has been treated for migraines since he can remember and his weight-lifting regimen hasn’t changed.

“I’ve been taking migraine medicine my whole life, like a normal person would do if they had migraines,” Richardson said. “As far as not lifting, I lift just like everybody. I just got done lifting yesterday. I can out lift anybody in the weight room.

“As far as me not putting a lot of weight on the bench, I’m still doing that, still doing the same stuff, and everything’s still the same. I don’t know where they’re coming up with all these different reports about migraines, this and that, and I haven’t even had a problem at all with migraines lately.”

Last year, Richardson missed a training camp practice Aug. 2 with what ex-Browns coach Pat Shurmur described as a “headache.” But Richardson returned the next day and migraines were not a known issue for him at any other point last year.

“When I got to high school, [the migraines] got kind of bad then, but it’s always been controllable,” Richardson said. “Migraines are one of the worst things that you can ever have. They’re real tough. Migraines are tough. Migraines, it doesn’t come that often, but when it does, you’ve got to catch it at the right time or it sticks with you.”

Other medical issues Richardson endured last season were far more noticeable. He missed most of training camp and all four preseason games after undergoing surgery Aug. 9 to remove a piece of loose cartilage from his left knee, which he also had scoped Feb. 3 following his final season at the University of Alabama.