Russell Martin runs relatively well for a catcher anyways, and with a tidy number of visiting Canadian fans giving him the old raspberry on this day for declining to suit up for his country in the World Baseball Classic, perhaps he wanted to give those folks a “take that” kind of message.

So Martin, as if John Fogarty was supplying the soundtrack, rounded third and headed for home.

Two problems.

One, the ball hit by teammate Gaby Sanchez was sharply struck between short and third into left field. Two, the outfielder awaiting the base hit was strong-armed Melky Cabrera.

The throw came in on a line with little arc, not quite a strike to home plate, but there in plenty of time for fourth-string catcher and B.C. boy Mike Nickeas to haul it down and apply a tag to a sliding Martin’s elbow.

Canadian on Canadian, as it were. That ended the inning, and starting pitcher Mark Buerhle was suitably grateful.

“I’ve been on the opposite side of that kind of play by (Cabrera) a few times,” chuckled the quick-working left-hander, who was smooth in throwing 59 pitches to 15 hitters over 3 2/3 innings and left with a one-run lead.

“Those are extra outs. If you’re the guy pitching, that’s awesome.”