Everybody's making noise about the Miami Heat and their epic winning streak, now standing at 16 games. Reality check: the Heat needed to win 16 games in a row to get within shouting distance of the team with the actual best record in the league, the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs it at 48-14, 25-3 at home as the Portland Trail Blazers come calling in a 5:30 p.m. Pacific game televised on CSNNW.

The big news for San Antonio has been Tony Parker's ankle injury. He'll not play in this game. Then again he didn't play in the Spurs' previous two outings either and they won both handily, defeating Chicago and Detroit.

Reserve point guard Gary Neal has been nursing an Achilles injury and has only played once in the last six games.

But hey, this is San Antonio. Your team is the fancy battery-powered robot you got for Christmas. Ten seconds outside, something snaps off, and it doesn't work the same anymore. San Antonio is the kid next door with his old-fashioned Lego set. You were laughing on December 25th, but who's still playing now? Every time something breaks, he just snaps in a replacement part and keeps on building.