The suspensions of five University of Maine men’s basketball team players last week stemmed from an altercation in the locker room during which Wes Myers punched teammate Marko Pirovic in the face, breaking his jaw, a police report reveals.

The incident occurred on Feb. 14.

According to a UMaine police report, Pirovic went to UMaine head trainer Ryan Taylor holding his face and, upon inspecting the injury, Taylor noticed Pirovic had broken his jaw and several teeth were loose or missing.

The incident stemmed from a dispute over music.

Pirovic was listening to music and Myers asked him to turn it off. Pirovic refused and the pair started arguing and grabbing each other. Both threw punches and Myers struck Pirovic in the jaw, causing the injury.

Pirovic was taken by UVAC ambulance to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor and underwent a 2½-hour surgery to repair his jaw. It will be wired shut for six to eight weeks in order to heal.

Pirovic didn’t want to press charges and gave a written statement to police in which he said that the altercation was a common occurrence that got out of hand and no one was at fault.